India's Rise as a Sporting Powerhouse: The Role of the 141st IOC Session in India


Apurva Dhamankar

11/1/20231 min read

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is an organization that is responsible for the Olympic games it includes the Youth Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. The headquarters of IOC is situated in Lausanne, Switzerland. It has 103 members.

The IOC Aims to promote “Olympism throughout the world and to coordinate the organization of the Olympic games”.

The 141st IOC session was held in Mumbai from 15th-17th October 2023. It was unveiled by IOC member Neeta Ambani.

Let's look at how India is going to be impacted by the IOC sessions held in India:

Attracts international sports events:

The IOC session will provide India with a great opportunity to showcase its sporting potential and attract big international sporting events. Hosting such major events will allow Indian athletes to compete against the best in the world and get valuable experience.

Increased Participation:

The IOC is committed to promoting sports. The session will Promote the Benefits of sports in India. This will encourage more people to participate in sports. The IOC session will have a positive impact on India as a global sporting nation. The positive impact will attract tourists and investors to India which can boost the country's economy.

Improved Governance of Sports:

The session will provide India an opportunity to learn from the IOC's experience in sports and to improve the governance of its own sports bodies. Excellent governance is necessary to ensure that sports are managed honestly, transparently, and in a good manner.

Huge Investment in sports:

The IOC session in India is a major boost to India’s sporting image. These will lead to huge investments in sports by both governments as well as the private sector.

The investment is essential for developing the best athletes and facilities because of this India will be seen as a strong sporting nation internationally and this will be a great achievement for India.

The above factors will contribute to India’s rise as a sporting powerhouse.

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Makarand Nayak,

Kautilya, IBS Mumbai.